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Lots of changes for 2013 and a few old photos are not online any more. Hopefully the important ones are or will be shortly. If you are looking for something that you cannot find please contact us as the photo is probably available.
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Newest Media

Someone attached to the cross-country course volunteers that was taking a bunch of video but rarely seemed to pointing that video towards the horses

  • ID: 11897
  • Description: At left is someone attached to the...
  • Created: Aug 30, 2014

Never ending helicopter traffic landing right next to the cross-country course

  • ID: 11896
  • Description: Never ending helicopter traffic...
  • Created: Aug 30, 2014

Volunteers and course crew attemption to deal with the poor footing on cross-country

  • ID: 11895
  • Description: Volunteers and course crew attemption...
  • Created: Aug 30, 2014

Popular Media

  • ID: 3728
  • Description: Lucinda Fredericks and Headley...
  • Created: Apr 25, 2009

Beezie Madden and Via Volo

  • ID: 391
  • Description: Beezie Madden and Via Volo at the...
  • Created: Aug 6, 2012

Jonathan Paget and CLIFTON PROMISE

  • ID: 4493
  • Description: Jonathan Paget and CLIFTON PROMISE -...
  • Created: May 6, 2013

Random Media

  • ID: 852
  • Description: Steve Guerdat and Nino des...
  • Created: Aug 5, 2012

Buck Davidson (USA) and Petite Flower

  • ID: 9682
  • Description: Buck Davidson (USA) and Petite Flower...
  • Created: Nov 3, 2013

  • ID: 1507
  • Description: Hawley Bennett-Awad and Sienna at the...
  • Created: Nov 3, 2012